TasksToTracks(T3) Improves Self Management

Desktop App Focuses on Self Management

TasksToTracks (T3) provides an integrated solution of three modules for improving self-management. ToDoToday manages daily activities with a flexible to-do list for ensuring progress towards current goals. The Tracks module automatically captures time spent on each work item to allow reviews of time management. The Planning module makes it easy to define and manage projects for meeting long term goals. Integration ensures that information flows automatically from doing to reviewing to planning.

ToDoToday - A Modern ToDo List

ToDoToday makes it easy to manage and complete daily to-do items. Color coding encourages progress.

Tracks Support Time Tracking

Tracks are generated to show time spent on each work item.

Project Planning

Use the big picture to help focus your ToDo list on key Projects. Adding a work item from Planning to ToDoToday is accomplished with a keystroke. Planning items are color coded to indicate current status.